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I am back in UK enjoying the British weather but I think I need to share the pictures and experience with you.  Last few days has been a wonderful experience for me personally not because I haven’t gone on holiday before now but because this is the first time in beach/island holiday.  I usually try to travel to a  new place every year and most especially a place I will not go normally.

This year I decided to travel to Canary Island – Tenerife.  I did not know what to expect because I didn’t have enough time to research on Island holidays.

Well after enduring a very boring  4hr flight  I was just looking forward to jumping  on the bed ( hopefully as seen on the website), having a quick bath and sleep .

Although I got to the hotel late almost at the end of dinner time.  I was still able to enjoy the dinner. The view from my hotel room was also very lovely  and ambience around the hotel was really great.

Enjoy some of the pictures I took and I share more pictures in my next post.

Please share some of your holiday experience with me i will be waiting to hear from you.

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